SELDEN - An apparent beating of a high school student was caught on cellphone video by a crowd of onlookers this weekend in Selden.

The fight occurred on a baseball field, located just off Hawkins Road. Students tell News 12 that it is a popular fight spot, and that there were multiple fights there this past weekend.

The crowd of Newfield High School students allegedly gathered to watch an off-campus fight between two of their classmates. No one stepped in to stop the pummeling.  

"Everybody knew it was going to happen, like it's been planned. It's not really out of the blue. Somebody says 'there's a fight’ and everybody goes," said Mike Shannon, who was not at the fight but was not surprised by the video.

The district superintendent released a statement to News 12, saying, "As per district protocol, the Middle Country Central School District informed the Suffolk Police Department of the situation and has been in contact with the involved students and their families."