HEMPSTEAD - A Nassau woman says she dropped her car off at the Hempstead Pep Boys for a tune-up, but when she returned to pick it up, it had been stolen.

Desiree Moore says she dropped off her car after work one evening last month and left her keys in the drop box. Workers at the shop had instructed her where to park.

Moore says she believes someone watched her leave the key to her 1999 Toyota Camery in the box, and then took it moments after she left. She says she has seen footage of the crook driving away with her car.

News 12 Long Island inspected the drop box today and found that a hand can easily reach inside of it.

Even more maddening for Moore, she claims the shop's employees were unsympathetic and even blamed her for what had happened. After she filed a police report, the shop’s manager called her and apologized in a voicemail message.

Moore says that's the last time she heard from Pep Boys, and it's been nearly a month. She wants the company to cover her losses and to make sure the drop box is fixed so it doesn't happen to other customers.

The manager of the Pep Boys and the company's corporate offices both refused to comment. Nassau police say they are investigating.