FREEPORT - A Freeport couple awoke Sunday morning to find that a car had smashed into their home overnight.

It happened at the corner of Wallace Street and Claurome Place. The couple says they heard a loud boom at around 1:30 a.m., but assumed it was the sound of traffic outside.

It wasn't until 81-year-old homeowner Albert Adams was getting his morning newspaper that he realized a car had actually plowed into his den. He found a chair flung across the room, vases shattered and damaged pictures and momentos, but the vehicle that had caused all the damage was gone.

After crashing through bricks and puncturing through to the family's den, the driver apparently backed out and drove away.

The couple surmises that the driver blew a nearby stop sign, then continued onto their property and into their home, instead of turning. Because there are no signs of skid marks, they believe the driver didn't attempt to stop.

Investigators say there were no witnesses to the crash, but they know the car involved was a recent model Nissan because the car's emblem was found. The car likely sustained severe damage.

The family says structural engineers have assessed the damage and quoted them a $22,000 estimate for all of the repairs.

The couple is hoping surveillance video from a nearby school will help lead to the driver. Anyone with information is urged to call police.