NORTH BELLMORE - Police say an out-of-control car slammed into a North Bellmore garage.

Neighbor Harry Faustmann says he was woken up around midnight to find a mangled gray sports car with an out-of-state license plate inside his neighbor's collapsed garage on Dewey Avenue.

Police say skid marks at the scene indicate speed caused the Camaro to miss the curve and hit the house.

Police have no reports of injuries, but residents say it is a dangerous area and only a matter of time before someone is killed. Neighbor Elena Rainone says drivers rarely respect the 10 mph speed limit. In the short time that News 12 was at the scene, there were at least two near-collisions.

Neighbors say the homeowner is an elderly man who recently vacated his house and was not home at the time of the crash.

Police are actively searching for the driver.