MELVILLE - A car slammed into a service bay, knocking another car off a lift in the process.

According to the repair shop, the Nissan crashed through the service bay at a Melville gas station Thursday morning with a loud "boom" after the mechanic went to roll up the windows when it started raining. He said the car's accelerator was stuck in gear.

Fellow mechanic Matthew Sweeney had been working in the spot where the crash occurred, but he had moved minutes before.

The driver made it out of the crash with only some cuts and bruises, says shop owner Bob Keller, whose son was behind the wheel.

The owner of the other vehicle that fell off the lift had dropped his car off for an oil change Wednesday. He didn't expect to find extensive damage when he went to pick it up, but he took it all in stride, saying insurance would cover the damage.

The shop owner expressed regret for the accident.