RIVERHEAD - A week before Election Day, candidates in the heated race for Suffolk County executive are going out of their way to convince voters that they are qualified for the job they're seeking.Democrat Steve Bellone has racked up some major election victories in his 10 years as Babylon town supervisor. "We've been able to reduce the size of government and still do more with less," he says. Bellone's Republican opponent, Angie Carpenter, is a political veteran herself. She has spent 13 years as a county legislator and the past six years as county treasurer. "I think we need to look at experience, it's that plain and simple," she says. Both candidates cite job growth as a priority. Bellone wants to partner with Brookhaven and Cold Spring Harbor research labs to create jobs that would attract young people to Suffolk. Carpenter says the key is cutting red tape for local business owners in order to allow them to expand.