MINEOLA - The campaign committee for the presiding officer of the Nassau County Legislature is accused of violating campaign finance disclosure laws multiple times.

A judge sided with the state Board of Elections Tuesday and ruled that Republican Norma Gonsalves' campaign committee violated finance laws a total of eight times between 2013 and 2015 by failing to disclose all of her political donors and campaign expenses.

The judge imposed a fine of $14,000.

Initially, the state Board of Elections said Gonsalves violated state law 33 times over nine years and used an unregistered committee to handle her campaign donations.

Democrats in the Legislature, who are constantly in political battles with the Republican majority, had no comment on the judge's ruling.

An attorney representing Gonsalves noted that the judge's decision was against Gonsalves' campaign committee, not the legislator herself.

In a previous interview with Newsday, Gonsalves blamed her campaign treasurer for not filing the required documents.