BELLPORT - According to an investigative report on an alleged grade-changing scandal in the South Country School District, administrators boosted the grades of football player Ryan Sloan so he could get a scholarship.

Sloan graduated from Bellport High School last year and is now playing football on a scholarship as a Syracuse University freshman.

The report, compiled by attorney Bronwyn Black on behalf of the district's Board of Education, claims that Sloan's "grades were improperly changed at the direction of the South Country school administration."

The report also accuses School Superintendent Joe Cipp Jr., who was Sloan's former football coach, of being involved in or aware of the grade-changing.

At a school board meeting tonight, parents were disturbed at the report's allegations and began calling for the school board to resign in light of the allegations.New details emerge in Bellport grade-changing scandalBellport community divided over grade-fixing claims