BROOKVILLE - An adjunct criminal justice professor at C.W. Post brought a loaded gun onto the Brookville campus today and accidentally shot himself in the leg, according to college officials.

Students have identified the professor as Jack Carney, a retired NYPD officer who currently works as a fire investigator for a private company.

Police say Carney was trying to safeguard his licensed handgun in the hallway of Lorber Hall when it accidentally went off at around 8 a.m.

C.W. Post officials say Carney's injuries are non-life threatening.

In a statement, the administration of the school said no students were present during the incident. However, some students say they heard the gunshot and saw Carney being carried into an ambulance.

"I think it's really scary that a teacher would bring a gun to school," says senior Jasmine Nazarieh.

So far, no charges have been filed against Carney, and the school hasn't said if he'll face disciplinary action.