MANORHAVEN - Business owners in the Village of Manorhaven are coping with sticker shock after finding a hefty hike in their tax bills.

Several businesses saw a tax increase of more than 50 percent. Among the affected companies is the Manhasset Bay Marina, which has been owned by Guy LaMotta for the past five decades. He says he used to shell out $31,000 in taxes, but he now owes $45,000, an increase of 52 percent.

Village Attorney Charles Casolaro says Manorhaven is in a financial bind, and it needs to plug a hole of about $300,000. "No one is looking to hurt the commercial properties in our village," Casolaro says. "They are a welcome part of our community, but there has to be equity."

Casolaro says the village's commercial taxes were very low compared to neighboring municipalities. Instead of targeting residents with tax hikes, the village opted to hike commercial rates.

Many local business owners say they'll be forced out of the area if taxes keep going up.