DEER PARK - The man accused of driving drunk and crashing his school bus with students on board is planning to sue Nassau County after the charges were dropped.

Michael Asseng was arrested after he crashed into a parked car in Farmingdale back in January with four children on board the bus. Asseng claimed he was not drunk, but very sick.

Nassau County police say although Asseng was negative on three Breathalyzer tests, he had glassy eyes, slurred speech, appeared disoriented and was unsteady.

Police say they believed there was a probable cause for an arrest because he could have been high on drugs.

Asseng ended up in the hospital for 46 days, diagnosed with a disease called sepsis. Asseng then had to be put in a medically induced coma for more than two weeks, and needed to learn how to walk again.

Asseng is now suing Nassau County for $10 million after he was cleared of having drugs or alcohol in his system. His charges were dropped back in June.

Asseng says his family has been ridiculed and that can never be taken back.