WOODBURY - An Islip High School bullying victim who was brutally attacked in 2013 is ready to be transferred to another school.

In an incident that was caught on camera, Anthony Karachannas was attacked in the halls of the high school and struck in the head multiple times. The attacking student was expelled for a year, but has since been allowed to return to class.

Over the years, Kim Karachannas says her son was relentlessly bullied and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She says the Islip School District keeps turning a blind eye to the situation.

“I have been begging and pleading the superintendent since September, when my son went back to school and was intimidated by this child that beat him,” said Karachannas.

In a statement to News 12, Islip's superintendent says, "The health and safety of all students is our top priority and we make every effort to maintain a safe and respectful learning environment."

Karachannas says she just wants her son transferred to another school. She says the Islip School District has been fighting her request, prompting her to hire education advocate George Deabold.

“They should have given him counseling. They should have moved him to a safe district cross-contracted long before this,” Deabold told News 12.

Deabold says sending Anthony to another school in another district would be a large cost for Islip to absorb, but is not uncommon.

Recently, Karachannas pulled her son out of school citing safety concerns. She has also filed a $3.5 million lawsuit against the school district, claiming neglect.