BALDWIN - Baldwin parents were surprised to learn this week that their children may not be able to get buses to school this year.

The Baldwin School District says children that live less than two miles from school will not be eligible to get bus rides this year. Last year, the minimum distance was a mile and a half. The change will affect about 1,000 students in the district.

However, parents became upset when it was revealed that middle school children are still getting the mile and a half that all elementary school children received last year.

Many parents with full-time jobs or no car say they are struggling to get their children to school. Camellia Nalty, a single parent, says it is very difficult to drop off and pick up children while working.

The school district says the change will save about $1 million per year. Officials say the money saved will be used to fund other programs like art, music, athletics and clubs. But Nalty says the district still took away after school classes, including the art classes.

The district says it is singling out the elementary school children because most of them walk or are driven to school by parents anyway.