LINDENHURST - Budget cuts proposed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo could result in fewer marine patrols on Long Island waters.

The governor wants to cut the money that Nassau and Suffolk counties receive by half. Currently, the state reimburses each county up to $200,000 per year for the expense of training boaters and marine patrols.

Cuomo hopes the cuts will save the state $900,000.

Some boaters tell News 12 that when the weather warms up, the water can often be crowded with boats, which is why they say they rely on marine patrols.

According to the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, 27 people died in boating accidents in New York in 2014.

Suffolk police say they will find money elsewhere in their budget to maintain marine patrols. Nassau police say they vow to fight the state to keep the money.

News 12 reached out to the governor's office for comment, but has not yet heard back.