MALVERNE - Brown water from taps and hoses in Malverne continue to be a problem for residents.

Crystal Leas, of Malverne, says her 22,000-gallon pool was filled with rust-colored water from a hose last week.

"I don't want to stir up drama about it, but this is not right," Leas told News 12 Long Island.

Other people in the neighborhood said they have to let the water run for a few minutes before using it in baths or to wash dishes.

American Water replaced some pipes in the area, but residents say the problem has persisted.

In a statement, American Water said in part, "Water discoloration is generally caused by iron in the water. Iron is a naturally-occurring mineral that is found throughout Long Island's groundwater. We are aggressively replacing old cast iron water main in Malverne and the more than 50 communities we serve."

The company said it is constructing a new $1.5 million iron removal treatment facility that will service the affected area.

American Water also says its water "meets or surpasses" state and federal standards.