FARMINGVILLE - The Brookhaven Town Board has voted 5-2 in favor of granting a special permit to allow the building of the Caithness II power plant in Yaphank.

The new power plant will be built near the Sills Road exit off the Long Island Expressway near the 350 megawatt power plant already on the site.

The 752-megawatt Caithness II will sell power to LIPA. A Brookhaven town study found that it would have no significant adverse environmental impacts.

Supporters, including a number of town board members, have said the proposed plant would help meet future power needs on Long Island. However, many residents spoke out at Tuesday’s public hearing to oppose the plan.

Many residents and civic activists have opposed building the power plant saying it's not necessary, it will cost too much and have a wide-spread negative environmental impact on the area.

The Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency is scheduled to vote on a $59 million tax break package related to the power plant proposal Wednesday. The package would include relief from some state and county sales tax.

Many officials from Port Jefferson Village say tax breaks would be devastating to the village. They say they are considering taking legal action to block the new plant from being built.

The new plant is slated to open in 2018.