FARMINGVILLE - The Brookhaven Town Board has approved a plan to build a residential and retail complex surrounding the Ronkonkoma train station.

The $475 million "Ronkonkoma Hub" will feature more than 1,400 apartments in addition to retail, office and medical space.

Supporters say the Ronkonkoma station is one of the LIRR's busiest and claim the plan would be an easier way to transform the area into one where more people want to live.

Others were not so happy that the plan was passed. More than 100 workers show up to the meeting in protest of the vote. They said that with the hub’s approval, they will have to find new places to work because their employers will be forced off the property. Some workers say they are not done fighting against the vote, even though it has already passed.

Construction could begin later this year, and could take up to 10 years to complete.