BROOKHAVEN - Officials in the Town of Brookhaven are looking for the public's input on several measures that aim to protect Carmans River.Town council members voted unanimously tonight to hold a series of public participation meetings before any new plans on Carmans River are even drawn up. Environmentalists and developers have battled for months on how to protect the waterway.Town officials say there several new ideas on the drawing board. One measure would take $30 million that the town put aside for snow toward an open-space bond that would focus on preserving the river's watershed area. Town officials say it wouldn't involve a tax hike for residents.Another proposal would look to change zoning around the river, which officials say would allow for multi-family and commercial space. It has not been announced how close such development projects would be permitted to come near the water. Environmentalists say the proposals do not go far enough to protect the 10-mile stretch of river. Officials head back to the drawing board on Carmans River planCarmans River protection plan dead in the water