BROOKHAVEN - Brookhaven National Lab says a small amount of radiation was released within its lab last month.

Lab officials say that on Sept. 28, low levels of radiation were found on the shoes of two employees, as well as on one employee's hands. The dose on the hand was 3.4 millirem.

"To put that into perspective, the dose limit for the hand of a radiation worker - which this person was - is 50,000 milirem, so 3.4 versus 50,000 is very small," says George Goode, assistant director of environmental safety & health at the lab. "However, I don't want to minimize it."

Goode says his staff wanted to make sure all of the necessary tests were done before any information was released, but thinks it could have been released a little earlier.

"I think that's one of the lessons learned here," he says.