BROOKHAVEN - The slow response to snow removal in the Town of Brookhaven is costing the acting highway superintendent his job.

Town of Brookhaven residents are still reeling over the snowplow debacle that left some people stuck in their homes for almost four days after the blizzard. 

Amid all the criticism, acting Highway Superintendent Michael Murphy submitted his recognition today. Murphy was supposed to be the one in charge of getting the plow trucks out, but instead News 12 Long Island was told he had a toothache, and was out of town. 

Deputy Town Supervisor Dan Panico, who has been in charge of things while Supervisor Ed Romaine was vacationing in Jamaica, spoke about the resignation to News 12. Panico said Murphy did not send enough crews. 

News 12 Long Island has learned that Murphy remains on the town payroll, even though he is no longer heading the department.

Romaine is expected to return from Jamaica this evening, just as life is getting back to normal for his residents. He's expected to hold a press conference on the snow response tomorrow.