BROOKHAVEN - The town of Brookhaven says its reopening the Brookhaven Community Housing Court in response to constant complaints about noisy neighbors and overcrowded homes.

Beginning in September, the court will devote one day a week to deal exclusively with quality of life cases. The goal is to help ease the backlog of cases being filed, including overcrowded housing, dilapidated abandoned homes, health violations, noise and nuisance violations and violations of zoning.

Town officials say the housing court will be presided by a judge who is a resident of Brookhaven.

It comes as Bruce Sander and other Stony Brook residents say absentee landlords are ruining their quality of life by taking residential homes and turning them into housing for college students.

“At least 100 of these are illegal homes that were bought up by landlords, cut up into boarding houses and they continue to violate the laws,” said Sander.

In response, the Coalition of Landlords and Tenants of Stony Brook says the housing rules have to be enforced fairly, not just on a specific group like landlords of college students.

The first day the housing court will be in session is Sept. 4.