SELDEN - The Town of Brookhaven says it is taking on the problem of abandoned, boarded up and burnt-out homes.

Demolition began Wednesday on the “Dirty Dozen,” a group of 12 vacant houses in the area.

The demolition was part of the Vacant Building Registration.

Brookhaven law requires absentee owners to register their unoccupied homes. If the building is not registered with Brookhaven and it is deemed unsafe, it will be slated to be torn down within months.

The town says the registry has shortened a tedious process that once took years. They say the demolition costs of taking down the abandoned homes will be attached to the property tax and paid by the party that owns the home.

Maryann Puma, of Selden, says she has tried for years to get the town to do something about the neighborhood eyesore next door to her home.

“It was very frustrating. I went to the town numerous times, and without avail.” Puma told News 12. “I didn't get anything done.”