BRENTWOOD - The Brentwood Union Free School District issued a robocall alert for parents and students after a student was threatened.

District officials say a student at the Freshman Center was approached by a car full of people who ordered the student to hand over the blue shirt he was wearing. The shirt was then set on fire. The student was then told not to wear that color again.

The incident happened Wednesday morning on Freeman Avenue near West Plum Street. Police were also notified.

"We are also asking parents to be vigilant in monitoring their children and be aware of their location at all times," says Superintendent Dr. Levi McIntyre. "We also ask that children not wear clothing that could be considered to be gang-affiliated."

The alert follows the recent killings of two teen girls, which authorities believe were gang-related. Police also discovered at least two sets of human remains in a wooded area of Brentwood not far from where the two girls were found last week.