BRENTWOOD - Hundreds of parents and teachers rallied in Brentwood Thursday night to call for the resignation of school Superintendent Levi McIntyre.

Also on Thursday, the Brentwood Teachers Association took a vote of no confidence against McIntyre. Union President Kevin Coyne says that McIntyre has failed to put the needs of the students first.

"There's many things that our students aren't receiving because he's made decisions to make hirings in other places where it's not needed," Coyne says. "Hiring people that don't directly impact student learning or what's going on in our classrooms, and we've had enough."

Those at the rally also say they're concerned about student safety. In one recent incident, they say weapons were smuggled onto school property and the superintendent failed to notify parents. Some even called for an overhaul of the entire school board.

McIntyre denied any accusations against him and defended his actions.

"I am being put on the spot because the union president felt that I should have hired his cousin for a social studies position that his cousin wasn't qualified for," the superintendent says. "And in addition to that, I am demanding higher performance from the teachers."

Teachers and parents say they will take their fight up to Albany to call on the state Board of Education to investigate. They also say the state comptroller has launched an audit of the school board's budget practices.