BRENTWOOD - The director of a Brentwood nursery school is expressing concerns about gang violence following the deaths of four teenagers in the area.

Chris Walerius, the director of Learning Adventures Children's Center, says she has to go outside and inspect the playground every day to make sure nobody is there before taking the kids outside.

As News 12 has reported, two teenage girls who were best friends were found beaten to death in Brentwood earlier this month. Then two sets of human remains were found in Brentwood and were later identified as deceased teenagers who were also the victims of assault.

Walerius says she's witnessed drug deals and gang activity in the wooded area directly behind the day care, where about 40 kids are enrolled. The program is housed at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and its children range in age from 18 months old to 10 years old.

The back wall of the church is covered with MS-13 markings, serving as a constant reminder of the gang presence in the area.

"Obviously this is not what we want our children to see and they do ask us about it," Walerius says. "We just explain, people who don't understand what's good and what's bad are putting things on our church."

Walerius says she wants to clear the wooded area behind the day care, to prevent anyone from hanging out there.