BRENTWOOD - A Brentwood neighborhood is on edge after two brothers were fatally shot while sitting in their car and a Good Samaritan was wounded while trying to help the victims.

As News 12 Long Island has reported, 21-year old Enston Ceron, Jr., and 19-year-old Ricardo Ceron were shot to death while sitting inside a Nissan on Lincoln Avenue just before 3 a.m. Sunday morning.

A man who pulled over in his SUV to try and help the brothers was also shot.

Police have not officially said that gang violence is the motive for the murders, but in light of the graffiti found around the crime scene, including an MS-13 tag, detectives acknowledge that they are looking into the possibility that the crime is gang-related.

The 3rd Precinct's commanding officer tells News 12 Long Island that after shootings like this, police step up patrols and request extra help from Suffolk's gang unit. He also points out that despite the double homicide, violent crime as a whole was down in 2011.