BRENTWOOD - Residents in Brentwood rallied in front of the site of a proposed scrap metal facility that they say will ruin their community.

The site on Emjay Boulevard was once a garbage transfer station, but a raging fire destroyed it last year.

After residents complained about the foul odor and noise, the town changed the zoning laws to allow a scrap metal company to move in. Councilman Steven Flotteron (R - Brightwaters) says the proposed facility is safer, cleaner and less noisy for residents.

Assemblyman Phillip Ramos (D - Central Islip) says the community has suffered its share of undesirable projects.

"We don't feel that a scrap metal facility should be in a residential area," says Ramos.

The town board has no plans to change its decision to bring the scrap metal yard to the community. Residents say they are looking into legal action against the town.

The proposed site could be up and running by next year.