HAUPPAUGE - A Ridge man pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he was driving while on drugs during a hit-and-run crash in Hauppauge.

Police say 21-year-old Brandon Cumberbatch was traveling south on Route 111 on July 13 when the crash happened.

Police say Cumberbatch hit a minivan with a woman and her two kids inside and then jumped a curb and hit a car parked at a strip mall parking lot.

Cumberbatch allegedly ran from his car, but was eventually arrested in the parking lot of Hauppauge High School.

A girl in the van suffered a fractured skull and facial injuries.

Prosecutor John Scott Prudenti says Cumberbatch is a prior felony offender with a criminal history dating back to childhood.

According to the district attorney's office, he had just been released from prison hours before the crash.

Cumberbatch faces a list of charges, including leaving the scene of an incident with injury and driving while ability impaired due to drugs.

If convicted, Cumberbatch faces up to seven years behind bars. He is scheduled back in court on Sept. 22.