WHEATLEY HEIGHTS - The driver in a fatal Wheatley Heights crash agreed to a plea deal Wednesday following a 10-month investigation.

Brandon Charles, 20, pleaded guilty at a courthouse in Central Islip to second-degree manslaughter in the death of Carla Vanessa Flores, 19.

Flores died Nov. 1 when the car she was riding in with Charles and Joseph Dunn crashed on Colonial Springs Road. Charles and Dunn were in the front seats of the vehicle, while Flores was riding in the back.

The Flores' attorney says the car was traveling at a speed of 105 mph when it veered off and crashed.

Initially, neither Charles nor Dunn admitted to driving.

Charles' attorney says he is very remorseful about the accident.

Viviana Vetanco, the victim's sister, says she thought Charles was going to get away with the crime because of his connections. Charles' father is an active-duty police officer, and Joseph Dunn's father is a lawyer.

Charles is facing three to nine years in prison. He will be sentenced in early November.