CORAM - A 26-year-old champion boxer from Coram has his eyes on the golden prize as he heads to London for the 2012 Olympic Games.Jamel Herring is captain of the U.S. boxing team. The 141-pound welterweight will have to beat world-rated contenders to take the top podium. Herring prepared for his Olympic dreams by being a fighter outside of the ring: he fought in the front lines in Iraq as a Marine. He served two tours of duty, and after returning from Iraq in 2008, he began training with the Marine boxing team.Part of his drive is also drawn from tragedy: in 2009, Herring lost his 2-month-old daughter, Ariyanah, to sudden infant death syndrome. He says every time he gets in the ring, he looks at the sky and puts his fist up for the baby girl he lost. The opening of the London Games coincides with the third anniversary of his daughter's death. Herring says he enters the Olympic ring humbled by life's struggles and heartened by the chance to honor his family and his country.