BOHEMIA - A Bohemia man says the woman he brought on a date returned to his home to steal prescription drugs.

John Gallagher, 46, says he was set up on a date by his friend last Friday. The double date ended at his home in Bohemia.

On Monday, he noticed that the prescription Vicodin he'd received after dental surgery was missing from his kitchen counter.

He checked his home surveillance system and says the woman he'd been on the date with snuck back into his house through the doggie door to steal his painkillers.

Police arrested 48-year-old Tracy Carter, of Sayville, in connection with the crime, which occurred while Gallagher was upstairs.

Gallagher says he installed his home security system just two weeks ago. He also says he can't believe how desperate people are to get their hands on prescription pills.

Carter was arraigned on second-degree burglary charges.

Gallagher says he'll be more careful about who he dates in the future.