GREAT NECK - Police say a body was discovered in a dumpster at a gas station in Great Neck, and authorities have identified the victim as a Brooklyn businessman who was abducted on Thursday.

The body has been identified as that of 39-year-old Menachem Stark. His remains were discovered at the Getty gas station on Cuttermill Road.

The gas station owner tells News 12 that he first spotted smoke coming from the dumpster earlier today, then called police after he noticed an odor emanating from it.

Police shut down the gas station for hours as they investigated. They also removed the dumpster from the premises.

Investigators say surveillance video taken outside of Stark's office in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on Thursday night shows him being attacked by two suspects before he was pushed into a white Dodge Caravan. The vehicle then drove off.

Police say it is believed that Stark was carrying a large amount of money at the time. They say he has ownership interests in 17 properties around Brooklyn, as well as one in Queens.