WOODBURY - A Nassau man who claims he was wrongfully arrested hopes a cellphone video will clear his name.

Nassau County police arrested Bobby Hayes, of Garden City, last month and charged him with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Bobby Hayes denies the charges and says he still doesn't understand why he was arrested. He says he was leaving a barbershop in Uniondale when detectives came up to him and questioned him about a drug deal.

The cops arrested Hayes and charged him with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. In their report, officers say Hayes used profanity and racial slurs.

Hayes' attorney says a cellphone video shot during the arrest proves he did nothing wrong.

"At no time does he use the language that was attributed to him,” said Willaim Petrillo, Hayes’ attorney. “At no time is race ever injected into this and at no time does he do anything that could even remotely be interpreted as resisting arrest."

Hayes, a father of two, has a prior criminal history. Although police did find marijuana on him, he says nine days in jail with a 23 hour lock-up was uncalled for.

Hayes and his attorney showed the district attorney the video which led to Hayes' release. Now, they want the charges dropped.

The district attorney's office tells News 12 Long Island that it is investigating the discrepancies between the video and the police charges.