KINGS PARK - Some Suffolk County boaters say that they are upset at the short boating season at a Kings Park marina, as well as what they call deplorable conditions there.

Boaters say that not only do they miss out on boating time at Nissequogue River State Park, but also that the marina has not been maintained.

The marina's closing date was moved from mid-November to mid-October. The state says it needed to cut the season short, because it needed extra time to remove all the portable docks for winter storage.

Denis Bologna, of Kings Park, says there is bulkheading that's falling into the water, the ramps are unsafe to use and the docks have missing hardware and flotation problems. He also says there is no lighting, which creates safety issues.

"It's not that we are paying any reduced rate to be here," he says. "We are paying basically the going rate that you would get at any other marina, whether it be public or privately managed."

State park officials say there is a plan in the works to upgrade and fix the marina, but they need to secure funding.