SOUTH JAMESPORT - East End boaters are protesting the increase in parking and boat ramp fees at a South Jamesport boat launch facility in the Town of Riverhead.

The South Jamesport boat ramp used to be run by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, but is now owned by the Town of Riverhead. 

The town doubled ramp and parking fees for Riverhead town residents, from $15 to $30. Fees for non-residents increased from $15 to $275 for the season.

Some in Riverhead, including the supervisor, say it's time non-residents paid their share.

"Next year, the tax cap is at a half percent," says Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter. "You can't run a municipal government anywhere in New York State and just increase your income a half a percent. It just doesn't work."

Riverhead offers a reduced fee if the resident is a veteran, senior or disabled person. There are no discounts for non-resident veterans, seniors or disabled people.