GREAT SOUTH BAY - Police say a boater suspected in a hit-and-run on the Great South Bay has turned himself in.

The crash happened around 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

Boat owner Tom Stemmler, of Bayport, says he threw down an anchor after his boat became disabled. At that time, he says he saw a boat coming quickly through the fog.

"He swerved at the very last minute and clipped our motor and knocked me in the water," says Stemmler.

Stemmler says the boater, now identified as Brian Castillo, of Mastic Beach, stopped long enough for his daughter to snap a picture of him. He says Castillo then offered him $200.

Stemmler says Castillo took off as he was calling the police. He and his family posted the photo on social media in an effort to find him. News 12 also aired the photo.

Castillo was ticketed for leaving the scene and for having an unregistered vehicle.

Castillo spoke with News 12 Long Island and said he "apologizes for leaving." He says he thought leaving the scene before the Coast Guard arrived was a safer option since it was foggy and getting dark.

The Mastic man also says he made sure everyone was OK before pulling away and offered Stemmler money to pay for repairs.