GARDEN CITY - Nassau Community College's Board of Trustees selected a new president Tuesday night, but has not publicly announced the name.

Leadership at the college has been in limbo for years. The last permanent president left in 2012, and the process to fill the position has been slow and controversial.

Some students told News 12 on Wednesday that they were not even aware the school was looking for a new president.

NCC recently received a poor rating from its accrediting agency. There is also a $10 million budget gap. Democratic lawmakers say the situation would not have come to this point if they were able to choose people to sit on the Board of Trustees. They claim that it is a power granted to them under state education law. The county executive has been appointing the trustees, and Democrats say it's against the law.

County Executive Ed Mangano's office says the Democrats are misreading the law. A spokesman for Mangano says that according to the county charter and state education law, it's the county executive who chooses to appoint and it's the Legislature that confirms those appointments.

The new president still has to be approved by the SUNY Board of Trustees and chancellor.