MONTAUK - Authorities are continuing this summer's crackdown on out-of-control partying in Montauk.

The Town of East Hampton board approved a proposed parking ban in front of the Surf Lodge on the west side of South Edgemere Street. Parking is already banned on the east side of the street.

Local residents have complained that clubgoers spill into Edgemere Street and walk in the road.

Montauk Chamber of Commerce President Paul Monte says he fully supports the move, but hopes the town comes up with a plan to handle all of the cars. He says it's especially important because the changes are coming as summertime crowds are growing.

"I certainly hope there has been a discussion about where those cars are going to go and what other moves may be made by the proprietor and the police department and fire department," says Monte.

The ban is expected to take effect within two weeks.