SMITHTOWN - U.S. Senate Democrats held a hearing today to question the executives of top oil companies that continue to receive tax breaks despite record profits. The hearing featured the executives of five oil companies that made $36 billion during this year's first quarter alone. With oil and gas prices soaring, Democrats say companies such as ConocoPhillips and BP wouldn't miss tax breaks that average $2 billion a year. Long Islanders agree, saying that the "Big Oil" companies don't deserve tax breaks while they face daily pain at the pump."I think the public should get the tax breaks, not the oil companies," says Helen Regnier, of Smithtown.Oil executives, however, say they pay their fair share of taxes more than other industries. They also claim that Democrats are trying to use their tax breaks to pay down the federal deficit. "The result could be less investment, less production, tighter energy market and overtime, potentially higher prices for consumers," says BP America CEO Lamar McKay.Democrats hope to pass legislation repealing the tax breaks, but Republicans vow to block it.