EAST ISLIP - A man riding his bicycle along with his son in some East Islip woods says he found five puppies in a box tossed out of a pickup truck Tuesday afternoon.

Vincent Abbatiello, of East Islip, says he saw a white or silver pickup truck stop on the side of the road. The truck pulled away, he says, leaving behind the puppies.

Abbatiello says the box was very small for the amount of dogs inside, and that they were coated in their own filth.

He brought the puppies to the New York Bully Crew Animal Shelter.

"It's mind-boggling how the human race just discards animals like they're trash," says Craig Fields, the founder of New York Bully Crew.

Fields says he hopes someone with information comes forward so authorities can catch whoever abandoned the puppies.

The puppies are being nursed back to health and will be put up for adoption, Fields says.