BETHPAGE - A Bethpage teen on Thursday thanked the doctors who saved his life after he and his brother were stabbed during an alleged road rage incident on New Year's Eve.

Mohmund Farhadi, 16, had just received his learner's permit and was taking a driving lesson from his older brother, 29-year-old Nawid Farhadi, before the attack.

The brothers say they were cut off and attacked by an angry driver.

"He was cursing, originally wanted to fight my brother, and he's only 16, so when he got out of the car, I got out of the car to defend him," says Nawid.

Nawid was stabbed in the face, chest, arm and leg. Mohmund was stabbed in the chest, as well.  Thinking quickly, the brothers got in their car and drove to nearby Plainview Hospital. Nawid was treated for his injuries, while Mohmound was transferred to Cohen Children's Center in New Hyde Park.

Doctors Jose Prince and Nelson Rosen say Mohmund suffered a pierced lung and was rushed into surgery.

"I'm here today, grateful and blessed, for Dr. Rosen and his team," said Mohmund.

Jeff Saint-Gerard was arrested at the scene and is facing multiple charges, including two counts of first-degree assault. His defense attorney argued at his arraignment earlier this month that Saint-Gerard acted in self-defense.