HAUPPAUGE - County Executive Steve Bellone (D-Suffolk) released more details today about his proposed list of layoffs for county workers, noting that the total number of layoffs has dropped significantly. Bellone says his revised list of layoffs now includes about 315 county workers, down from the 460 pink slips that were proposed by his predecessors in Steve Levy's administration. Bellone says that list was "completely irrational." The new layoff list, Bellone says, reduces the number of layoffs in a more "rational" way while still meeting the necessary budgeted target. If approved by county lawmakers, the layoffs would come over the next two months. Bellone noted that the layoffs wouldn't make a noticeable dent in Suffolk's massive budget gap, which is projected to top $500 million by the end of 2013. Suffolk lawmakers are expected to vote on the layoffs tomorrow.Suffolk Exec. Bellone gives lawmakers a list of layoffsBellone outlines fiscal recovery plan in State of the County speechSuffolk Co. Executive Bellone's State of the County address