BAYVILLE - Some residents in Bayville say they are upset by village officials who are trying to change the zoning of their town to allow apartments in the business district.

Last month, more than 300 residents showed up to a village meeting voicing their concern about the proposal. They say allowing apartments would ruin the look of their downtown area.

Mayor Pete Rupp told News 12 that building apartments in the business district will bring more people to the downtown, where some businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

"The mayor said he wants to bring in more people so they come here and spend. What are they spending on if you don't have any stores?" asked Doug Watson, of Bayville.

The proposal would limit apartment buildings to no more than nine units.

The mayor and village board were supposted to talk about the proposed zoning change during a meeting Monday night, but they decided to postpone it. A general town meeting was still held for residents to discuss the issue.