BAYVILLE - A 7-year-old Girl Scout from Bayville helped save her father's life by dialing 911 during a medical emergency, but the girl is giving all the credit to her Scouts training. Second-grader Sophia Veteri was playing with her siblings last weekend when her father fell down and had a seizure. The father says he has epilepsy, but hasn't had a seizure in more than 15 years.Sophia screamed for her dad, and when he didn't answer, she ran across the street to her neighbor's house for help. No one was home, so she went back to her own house and called 911. The children stayed at their father's side until the ambulance arrived. Sophia had just finished training on how to call 911 with her Girl Scout troop. "We went in a real ambulance," she says. Sophia's dad says he's very proud of the way his children responded. Sophia says she just wants her father to be OK.