BAY SHORE - Some Bay Shore residents say the Town of Islip is ignoring their complaints about noise pollution coming from tractor-trailers.

According to one homeowner, trucks are making noise all hours of the night and parking too close to a fence that is near residential property.

According to town code, the trucks must operate within certain hours and should be 200 feet away from residential lines. The trucks are currently about 40 to 50 feet away, according to homeowners.

John Norris, one of the neighbors, claims the noise is worse in the winter when drivers leave them idling overnight to prevent the diesel fuel from freezing.

Jonathan Noronha, who lives two doors down, says the noise and odor lingers day and night. He also says the drivers sometimes leave lights on at night and affect his quality of life.

News 12 reached out to business owners where the trucks idle, but did not immediately receive a response.

The Town of Islip says it is pursuing legal action against the company.