BAY SHORE - A standing-room-only meeting was held in Bay Shore Wednesday night to address a proposed charter school in the hamlet.

The crowd packed into Bay Shore High School's theater to voice their opposition to the new school. Bay Shore School Board President Andrew Arcuri shares the crowd's sentiment, saying that the board is unanimously opposed to the application.

According to its website, the Long Island Children's Academy Charter School claims that it has sent out fliers and met with dozens of community organizations. Civic leaders and the school board denied each of the claims.

The charter school's proposal estimates that 70 Bay Shore students would attend the school in its first year at a cost of $1.3 million to Bay Shore School District. If less than 70 students attend, the school would be refunded the difference, but only if the charter opens the following year.

In a statement the Long Island Children's Academy Charter School says its goal is to simply offer an additional option for public education. It also says that it looks forward to any opportunity to work with Bay Shore School District.