BAY SHORE - Bay Shore homeowners are seeking state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's help in testing their properties for toxins.

After learning that the soil at a neighbor's home had toxins hundreds of times above normal background levels, Bay Shore residents who live near the old LILCO plant are concerned that the site contains some dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals.

National Grid and the Department of Environmental Conservation have been trying to clean the site for years. Attorney Irving Like, who represents more than 100 Bay Shore residents, sent a letter to Schneiderman that says the utility company violated federal law by never disclosing the exact contamination years ago. Like also says National Grid is continuing to conceal and misrepresent evidence.

State Sen. Phil Boyle, who represents the area, says that National Grid told him its massive cleanup efforts were working and contamination was going down. He now says that there needs to be better monitoring and more work done in investigating the site.

Both Like and Boyle agreed that it would help if Gov. Andrew Cuomo intervened and talked to the DEC.

News 12 Long Island reached out to the DEC and Gov. Cuomo's office this morning but still haven't heard back. A spokesperson for National Grid says she believes the utility is in compliance with state and federal laws, and says it has always been responsive to people living near the plume.