EAST ROCKAWAY - When Hurricane Sandy struck, it damaged an ocean-outfall sewage pipe for an East Rockaway plant, and neighbors have been crying foul ever since.

Homeowners near the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant say the plant is "intolerably noisy" because generators are seemingly in operation 24 hours a day.

The generators were installed after Sandy because the original generating plant was offline for a time.

News 12 measured the noise at the front gate of the plant at 90 decibels. Ear protection is recommended for 85 decibels and above, according to federal guidelines.

Neighbors say Nassau County is dragging its feet fixing Bay Park, but the county claims that the emergency generators only operate during maintenance, not nonstop.

Constant truck traffic in and out of the plant add to nearby residents' complaints.

The plant treats about 40 percent of Nassau's waste products.