HUNTINGTON STATION - A battle is brewing over a revitalization project proposed in Huntington Station.

The town and developer Renaissance Downtowns want to build a new home office and store complex called Gateway Plaza, located in vacant lot on New York Avenue between Henry and Olive streets.

The $20 million project would include 66 apartments and 16,000-square feet of restaurants and shops. Artist renderings of the project depict elevated studio and one-bedroom apartments and retail stores at street level.

Some residents and business owners say they don't like the idea because it will eventually leave them without a place to live and without a place to work. Another issue is that town regulations require nearly 300 parking spaces for such a complex, although the developers say only 129 spaces will be needed.

On Thursday night, the developers made their case before the Town of Huntington Zoning Board to secure variances for the proposed three-story building. Two key variances involve parking. In particular, the use of a parking lot that will not be accessible during regular business hours and the construction of a parking garage not allowed in the zoning district.

The zoning board postponed making a decision on the variances, citing a need for more information. It has 90 days to make a final decision.