EAST SETAUKET - A banner supporting the Black Lives Matter movement has caused a stir at an East Setauket church.

Church members at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship say they displayed the banner because they believe in what the group is hoping to accomplish in terms of social justice.

"We support [BLM] because their goals are mesh with the seven principles of Universal Unitarianism," says Barbara Coley, of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. "Our racial concerns committee has been involved in racial justice since about 1975."

However, they say the banner was vandalized three times and eventually stolen.

Imagination Pre-School, which also occupies the church, says it began to get complaints from parents about the banner.

"Our feeling is that all lives matter," says Eileen Hummel, of Imagination Pre-School. "We have children here from every country, all religions and races. We feel it's wonderful for the children to meet children from all different countries."

Church officials say they removed the banner out of respect to the pre-school. They also said that no final decision has been made regarding the banner's fate.